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The Internet is a goldmine of business opportunities for all kinds of companies worldwide. Use its power to your advantage! Get started today by establishing your digital presence and discovering your market potential with Thrives Internet Marketing Agency’ website design services. We’re here to help you get started with your website design and development needs.

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It is important to stay connected with your customer base and prospects in order to leverage new markets and grow your business. According to statistics, there are approximately 4.5 billion people who use the internet, which makes up 59% of the world’s population. Within this online community 53% perform research before connecting with brands to ensure they are making a good choice.

According to an Episerve study, 92 percent of consumers visit a brand’s website with multiple intentions other than buying. They include product/ service research; comparison shopping; and business reviews. This data shows that consumers don’t buy things on impulse.It makes sense that people would want to compare brands when shopping online.

If you don’t have a web presence, you’re automatically losing the opportunity to get in contact with your target audience and promote your brand. Create a unique, engaging web page design that builds consumer trust and gains market referrals.

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Developing a digital presence involves more than just creating a website and hoping for clients to come to you. Your company’s online basis is your website. It’s your main point of contact with customers and then a conversion machine. As a result, you must make sure it ranks well in search engines, stands out from the competitors, and is relevant to the goals of your visitors.

According to statistics, 94 percent of first impressions are influenced by website design and navigation. Websites with responsive web design and well-structured web content are also favoured by search engines. Furthermore, web page design accounts for 75% of site credibility.

To appeal to search engines and online visitors, it is vital that you maintain a responsive website design as a business owner. When your potential clients look for your organisation online, you need to make sure they see a legitimate business platform. Otherwise, you risk losing potential customers’ trust and discouraging them from engaging with your business.

Invest in responsive website design to increase your brand’s trust and confidence. Our web design firm offers SEO-friendly web design services with the goal of improving your search engine rankings, increasing your online exposure, and converting website visitors into paying clients.

Schedule a consultation with our website design firm today, and let us assist you in creating a web page design that attracts qualified visitors and boosts conversions.

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